The Eagle Rally

Eagle rally

In southern Germany, where the rolling hills of Bavaria give way to the foothills of the Alps, there is a mountain six thousand feet high. On the summit of the mountain, there is a bar. To reach the bar, you must first negotiate the steepest road in Germany. From the top of this road, a tunnel takes you deep into the mountain, where brass elevator awaits. Powered by a U-boat engine, this elevator lifts you 400 feet through the heart of the mountain, to one of the most dramatic bars in all of Europe: the legendary Kehlsteinhaus.

Eagle's nest

Better known as The Eagle’s Nest, this heady destination was first built as a fiftieth birthday present to none other than Adolf Hitler. Its marble fireplace was a gift from Mussolini, its walls eluded the bombs of the RAF’s Dambusters, and its slopes were finally stormed by the US 101st airborne division. It’s not only a spectacular spot to enjoy a beer. It’s a place of history.

And we’re gonna drive there, on Pub2Pub Adventure’s first event: The Eagle Rally. And it is our great pleasure to offer you the chance to join Kermit and the team on the journey from the Home Counties to the Eagle’s Nest, in deepest, lederhosen-clad Bavaria. Here’s a rundown of what we’re planning:

Dates – 29th September to 7th October 2018
Distance – Approximately 1,700 miles of driving.
Spaces – Limited to twenty vehicles.
Vibe – Dignified. A gentleman’s club of a road trip, salubriously proceeding in a convoy of stylish automobiles which personify the crossroads between performance and comfort.
Accommodation – Mid range hotels, befitting of such a classy, yet cost effective undertaking.
Cost – For two people sharing a car, £1,150, including all accommodation, car trains, ferries, entry to all attractions and a cheeky Steiner in the Eagle’s Nest.

Eagle Rally Route

So what can you expect from this jaunt from to the far end of Germany? An experience every bit as soul-stirring as the bar to which the journey will take you, that’s what. Think the greatest driving roads of the Ardennes and southern Germany; the quirkiest bars and restaurants which you’ll never find in any tourist brochure, and the sort of camaraderie from which friendships are made.

All strung together with the attention to detail which made the Pub2Pub Expedition such a success. As at the time of writing, we’ve only been back in the country for just over a week, we’re still working on said attention to detail, but the outline itinerary is as follows:

Saturday 29th September – Southern England to Central Belgium
Sunday 30th September – Central Belgium to Luxembourg.
Monday 01st October – Luxembourg to Stuttgart
Tuesday 02nd October – Stuttgart to Neuschwanstein
Wednesday 03rd October – Neuschwanstein to Munich area
Thursday 04th October – Munich area to the Eagle’s Nest
Friday 05th October – Eagle’s Nest to Innsbruck. Night train to…
Saturday 06th October – Dusseldorf, then on to Dunkirk
Sunday 07th October – Dunkirk, back to the UK

So that’s the outline, and we’re hard at work populating it with glorious on-the-road experiences which befit the high bar we’ve set on the Pub2Pub expedition. Hopefully you’ll be able to join us on the road this time.

The Eagle Rally sign-up is now open – for further information, email us via the ‘contact’ form.