Future Trips

For up-to-date information and to join our future trips, visit our new website – Planet Pub2Pub – by clicking here.

From humble beginnings, our little jaunt from one Pub to another has created quite a stir. Thousands of people have followed our progress on a daily basis and millions have read about our mildly daft adventure in news coverage which ranged from the BBC to the Hindustan Times. The buzz the expedition has generated has exceeded all our expectations; the obscure corners of the globe which our story has reached blew us away.

So what’s next? Is the whole Pub2Pub concept to come to an end, abandoned to memory and the motoring history books?

Of course not. We didn’t come here to tell you how this was going to end. We came here to tell you how this was going to begin.

So, how is it going to begin? What’s next for the Pub2Pub concept?

Pub2Pub Adventures, that’s what.

One of the main things we took from the excitement which Pub2Pub generated is that people loved the unique, fun and irreverent style in which we undertook the adventure, and were inspired to hit the road on their own pub-based adventure. It’s this collective enthusiasm which convinced us that Pub2Pub shouldn’t end at that southernmost bar in deepest Patagonia; it should keep on rolling, and provide people with the opportunity to get involved as it does so.
So, as the Pub2Pub Expedition’s finish line fades into the past, we’ve already started work on the next adventures. These range from accessible European road trips with a sprinkling of the Pub2Pub magic, right up to ground-breaking undertakings which redefine what’s possible with a sports car.

You can check out what we’re currently planning by visiting the trips section of our new website, by clicking here.