Pub2Pub – The Longest Journey Ever Made by a Sports Car

To find out what we’ve been up to since the Pub2Pub Expedition, visit our new website,
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Welcome to the official website for the Pub2Pub Expedition, a very British blend of elegance and eccentricity – a 27,000 mile overland journey from the northernmost bar on the planet, to the southernmost.  That’s from the Arctic to the southernmost tip of South America, crossing oceans, continents and cultures, and travelling with a style and panache which harks back to that glorious age when travel was an art form.

Against the odds, we completed the 8-month expedition in 2018, at the wheel of a TVR Chimaera sports car, and our journey was such a success that we are now launching Pub2Pub Adventures; a road tripping company committed to providing the ultimate travel experiences with a pint at the end.

You can read more about the undertaking on this site, and keep up to date with this next stage of the project by visiting or by following our social media links below…