The Book

So, the Pub2Pub Expedition was a very British blend of elegance and eccentricity.  A 27,000 mile journey from the northernmost bar on the planet, to the southernmost.  From the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, across oceans, continents and cultures; travelling by sports car and undertaken with a style and panache which harks back to that glorious age when travel was an art form.

Don’t you think that sounds like a pretty compelling basis for a book?  Yep, us too, and fortunately we have a publisher onboard who agrees, and said book is being written at this very moment, with a target release date of mid 2019.

Can’t wait that long?

Well you’re still kind of in luck, as you’re welcome to pass the time with the book documenting one of our previous adventures – the African Porsche Expedition. ‘Survival of the Quickest’ came out a few years ago, so feel free to grab yourself a copy, and get psyched for hitting the road in pursuit of a life less ordinary: