Past Trips

The Pub2Pub Expedition isn’t the first time we’ve set off on an epic journey across the globe.  Here are a few stand-out moments from our previous expeditions, which should give you an inkling as to why we considered setting off across the planet in a TVR was a completely logical course of action:

IMGP3447The V8Nam ‘Vette – Exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, during ‘V8Nam’, a 14,000 mile, V8-propelled road trip which took us from England to Vietnam, then on to Singapore…

031a IMGP5088

Two wonders of the world finally meet. Taking time out to visit the Pyramids during the AfricanPorsche Expedition, which traveled 13,500 miles across 26 countries, from England to Cape Town, in 2008.


One of our more preposterous undertakings – seeing in the New Year by heading deep into the Arctic Winter in a Fiat 126.


Emulating Top Gear by riding the length of Vietnam on a decrepit 110cc Honda…


Crossing the Kazakh Steppe in a pair of old Minis, during the 2006 Mongol Rally…


…seven years later, revisiting Kazakhstan in a 1978 Rolls Royce.


Heading over the High Atlas Mountains to the Moroccan Sahara, in a classic Rover P6…


Crossing the Subcontinent in a Bajaj Auto-Rickshaw, during the 2007 Rickshaw Run.


Narrowly avoiding sinking while several miles off the coast of Estonia, driving on the frozen Baltic Sea in a Jaguar XJ6…


…and cycle-touring across Iceland’s barren interior during the ‘Credit Crunch Roadtrip’.  Because just occasionally, a bigger engine isn’t the answer.

So as you can see, Pub2Pub isn’t the first time we’ve set off to do something mildly preposterous with a completely unsuitable mode of transport… and it won’t be the last time, either.  To make sure you keep up to date with our forthcoming adventures, stay tuned to our social media through the links below…