Total Vehicle Reliability…

This is pretty exciting!

We’ve teamed up with fellow TVR owner and automotive illustrator Mark Lacey to get Pub2Pub’s merchandise side rolling, by bringing the first of a range of fine art TVR designs to market.  Our goal with this first tee was to celebrate the incredible reliability the TVR achieved in its 27,000 mile world tour, and we came up with the ‘TVR = Total Vehicle Reliability’ slogan to do this.  Mark is an incredibly talented illustrator, and we think the results speak for themselves.  And by teaming up with Mark, we’re taking Pub2Pub’s future merchandising in a direction which we feel is where we want to be – working with fellow enthusiasts to produce top-quality stuff for the wider petrolhead community.

You can get the new Tee in time for Christmas by clicking here…

Tee one


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