Buying a round for ‘Mind’

If you’ve read the ‘get involved’ section of this website, you’ll know about our ‘buy a round for Mind’ initiative which we’re launching alongside the Pub2Pub Expedition – basically, we want to encourage as many folk as possible to undertake their own Pub2Pub adventures, and help support the mental health charity ‘Mind’ in the process.

We got the ball rolling last week, when we drove from the southernmost pub in the UK, to the northernmost – that’s from The Witches Ball on Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula, to the Sea View Hotel in John O’Groats. We’ll post up a full trip report shortly, but in the meantime, here are a few photos from the drive – enjoy!

And feel free to get planning your own Pub2Pub adventure…

#MyPub2Pub         #BuyARoundForMind

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