Lyndon Williams

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What skills would the perfect Pub2Pub team member possess? How about being a qualified mechanic, who can help keep us moving on the road? Or a qualified kayak instructor, full of energy and enthusiasm, who can keep us safe on the watery legs? And how about someone who already has extensive experience of living on the road while travelling the globe?  Yep, Lyndon ticks all these boxes, and then some, meaning he’ll be invaluable as the expedition progresses.

Since qualifying as a mechanic, Lyndon has been pursuing his passion for white water kayaking.  Pushing his own personal limits in his quest to seek out testing waters in his sport, Lyndon thrives on adrenaline and the management of risk.  He has a unique familiarity with the outdoors and adventure, whether it be hiking into remote places with a kayak on his back, seeking new rivers, or living on the road for months at a time, immersing himself in new countries or cultures.

With this background, it was clear that Pub2Pub was an adventure Lyndon simply couldn’t miss!

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