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So the Pub2Pub Expedition is now underway; an epic odyssey from the northernmost pub on the planet, to the southernmost.

And you know what? It’s going to be amazing. So amazing, it’s got us thinking: why should we have all the fun? Shouldn’t everyone have the chance to put together their own Pub2Pub adventure?

And that’s what this is all about. To encourage everyone to come up with their own unique take on the Pub2Pub concept. As long as the adventure starts in a pub, and finishes in a pub, anything goes. Travel by car, kayak, paddleboard, or paraglider; hike, climb, cave or coasteer – whatever your passion, make it your trip. We only ask one thing:

When you reach that final pub, head over to , and buy a round for mind.

Mind is an amazing charity which supports people with mental health problems. Problems like depression, which are far more common than most people realise, and almost certainly affects someone you know. So when you buy that round for mind by making a donation, most likely you’ll indirectly be helping someone close to you. What better reason than that could there be than that?

So, feel free to join the ‘Buy a round for Mind’ facebook group below, and get dreaming up your adventure.

If you’re in a car club, organise an afternoon drive…
Keen on kayaking? Hit the river to the bar…
Psyched on ski-touring? Après-ski in the next valley…

…just don’t forget, at journey’s end, to buy that round for Mind.

Mind –
MyPub2Pub facebook group –

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